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Hello! I'm Brohgan Dieker!


This blog is dedicated to helping busy people slow down and savor life through recipes and time in the kitchen. I offer practical weeknight dinner solutions and encourage nightly at home dinnertime with your family.


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Take a close look at my Minimalist Grocery List.

On this blog, I try to keep things very simple by sticking to a short list of fridge and pantry ingredients. I use the Minimalist Grocery List in ALL OF MY RECIPES.

I love food, but as a busy mom who also runs a business from home, I do not have time to shop at multiple stores trying to find an elusive ingredient! As much as I like the idea of eating prosciutto wrapped figs on a Wednesday night, I somewhat doubt that my little hometown Kansas grocery store carries prosciutto. I KNOW that they don't carry figs.

Instead, I save recipes with gourmet ingredients or more than 5 steps for a weekend when I might have a little more time to shop and cook.

Accept the challenge: eat at home tonight!

Cooking and eating dinner at home is one of the best things you can do for you and your family! It improves your health, your relationships, and your stress level. Don't put it off, give it a try today!!

Browse my site for simple, delicious recipes for tonight's dinner!

Meal Plan Every Week!

As a subscriber, the newsletter can serve as a timely reminder to get ahead this week. Meal planning isn't glamorous, but it does save time, money, and effort. The ultimate goals is that it allows you more time to really savor what matters.


Reflection questions are my latest addition to my meal planning kit. I try to use the practice of reflection to expose my family to a wide variety of flavors and textures and to encourage us to eat a variety of highly nutritious foods in moderation.

  1. Did I utilize a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors?
  2. Did I use more fresh foods than packaged foods?
  3. Reflection questions could (and should!) vary from family to family. Think of one or two of your own to add to the list!

  4. Did I primarily use lean meats and protein sources?
  5. Was my family exposed to a high level of sugar or sodium throughout the week?
  6. Did everyone in the family feel like they were able to contribute to our meals together in some way?