Are you looking for inspiration for your kitchen? Are you bored with your weeknight dinner options? Are you sick and tired of cooking and ready to make it a little more fun? Are you looking for new recipes? Would you appreciate some new meal planning strategies and tips? If so, you are 60 seconds away from kitchen inspiration.  

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This includes:

A 60 Second Brainstorming Video by me, Brohgan Dieker.

Who am I? I am a busy mom who is struggling to answer the "what's for dinner question." I write about food to help other tired moms, like me, answer that dreaded question with healthy, delicious recipes that can accommodate today’s busy evenings.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home (and I really do think that it is), I want to spend my time there savoring what matters: family, faith, food. NOT slaving over a hot stove.

A Digital Cookbook

Don't miss this: some of these recipes have never before been published online! Others, I have retired from my blog.

Includes appetizers, main courses, side dishes/salads, dessert, and a BONUS section of favorite holiday recipes.

A Meal Planning Strategy Guide

This guide makes meal planning as simple as possible.  What does this guide include?

  • A minimalist meal plan schedule template
  • Encouragement and reasons to make a meal plan every week
  • A weekly nutrition checklist
  • A minimalist grocery list template to help stay on budget

Inspirational Printables for your Kitchen

FREE Printable back to school scripture and prayer! It's that time of year! School supplies are back in stores, and the weather has started to cool down (just a little). And what better way to prepare for school than by praying for our kiddo's?

I love creating and displaying inspirational printable for the fridge, and my graphics are a gift to you!


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