3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool in Summer / by Brohgan Dieker

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Summer is officially here! Beat the heat by using some strategy in the kitchen!

Enjoy these three quick tips! Your electric bill will thank you later...

1. Avoid the oven and stovetop! Use countertop appliances instead!

Small countertop appliances like the microwave, rice cooker, and slow cooker are your best friends this time of year! Give the range a break, and plan your meals for the week around these smaller appliances.

I particularly like to use a rice cooker with a steamer basket (aff) this time of year! I load rice in the bottom, meat and veggies in the top, and let it all cook at the same time! It's quick and versatile for healthy weeknight dinners!

[irp posts="1100" name="Summer Vegetable Ravioli Salad"]

2. Serve cold meals!

Salads, sandwiches, Current favorite at my house: a kid friendly version of an antipasto platter. On a hot day, a variety of our family's favorite fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hummus, and/or deli meats make for a really fun meal! You can make it as healthy as you desire by being choosy about what you include!

3. Take it outside!

Keep the house cool by cooking on the grill! Then, when you are done, come back in and enjoy the A/C!