Hi, I'm Brohgan!

I’m Brohgan Dieker, and I write for mothers to make it easier to cling to hope. Things are hard, they might always be hard, but we can find a way to find hope in every season.

To help you get to know me, here are a few things I love:

I love words. My first love is reading. I love it from Book-It to a degree in literature and back. And, after years of avoiding it at all cost, I’ve stumbled into another love for writing. Give me all the words.

I love my family. My high school sweetheart, Adam, has stuck with me over the years, and now we have almost spent half of our lives together. We have two boys: Desmond (3) and Elias (7 months). We’re a mess. We’re awesome. Together we’re making a Dieksville Dynasty.

I love food. I absolutely love coffee, spaghetti squash, breakfast for dinner, pumpkin everything, one pot meals, really fresh local produce (especially from my garden), and sweet and salty type desserts. I was convinced that I wanted to be a food blogger for a while.

I love Jesus. That’s who I am. Everything about Jesus has shaken up my life. I love how he turned culture upside down. I love how he noticed people who nobody else noticed and how he washed his friend’s gross feet. I love how he appeared to women on Easter, and I love how his great great great great grandomther, Rahab, was a prostitute. I love how broken people who don’t have everything figured out are a part of his kingdom. I love how his kingdom is here and now. I love how I feel that my prayers are heard and answered.

My interest in blogging started in 2005 with a Xanga account full of teenage angst.  After losing momentum in several casual blogging attempts over the last decade, I finally started writing steadily full time in 2016 and hope to never stop.

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Here's a little bonus info.

I graduated from Kansas State University in 2011 with a degree in English. My favorite literature classes in college were over Chaucer, Spenser, Milton, and Shakespeare. I loved reading texts in Old and Middle English. K-State also houses an awesome children's lit program, and I studied Harry Potter and C.S. Lewis for college credit. It. Was. Awesome.

I had an absolutely awesome gig as an International Admissions Specialist at my alma matter, Kansas State University. This was unfortunately was cut short by the birth of my son. I left my job to stay home with him. It was simultaneously one of the most difficult and easy decisions I have ever made.

Now, in the evenings and during nap time I blog, and I do some freelance writing for other websites. I am looking to publish a book about Christian living in the future.


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